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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -4,48 +4,82 @@ suckless conference 2019, Bad Liebenzell, Germany slcon6 will be held in Bad Liebenzell, Baden-Württemberg in Germany on 2019-10-(04-06). -Call for Papers ---------------- - -There will be regular talk sessions this year and we are calling for -optional talk proposals of around 30-60 minutes covering either -technological or philosophical topics (rants are welcome as well). Each -proposal should contain - -* the name of the author -* an abstract written in English -* presumably reference links to related ideas or topics - -and be sent to []( -_until 2019-06-30_. We don't expect a paper or slide set prior to the -conference! If you can not attend on a certain day, please add a note -about it so we can fine-tune the schedule accordingly. - -Conference Registration ------------------------ - -The accommodation fee will be between 95-150€ and includes everything. -It will be due upon reservation confirmation. -Please contact us if and why you want to request sponsorship for the -accomodation; nobody should be left out for financial reasons. - -In order to be able to arrange the conference properly, we also kindly -ask all of you who want to attend the event to _register until -2019-09-01_ by sending a mail to -[]( -with your name and clear message that you will definitely attend. -Places are limited (!) and secured on a first mail basis. We will inform -all successful registrants within 2 weeks after receiving their -mail. - -We also believe that it would be a good idea to arrange your travel -already, if you plan to attend. We recommend arrival on 2019-10-04 at -noon and departure on 2019-10-06 evening. -The closest international airport is Stuttgart, Germany. Bad Liebenzell -is a 40 minute trip from Stuttgart airport and well-accessible by train. - -Members of the e.V. are invited to attend our annual -Mitgliederversammlung (members meeting) on 2019-10-05 evening at the -venue (the exact location will be communicated later). - -We are looking forward to your talk proposals and registration requests! +Friday, 2019-10-04 +================== + +(14:00-18:00) Arrival at the venue +---------------------------------- + +(18:00) Dinner +-------------- + +(20:00) e.V. general assembly meeting +-------------------------------------------------- + +Saturday, 2019-10-05 +==================== + +(09:00-18:00) Talk sessions +--------------------------- + +### Machine Translation, Manu Raster + +The topic I would like to present is "Machine Translation" and it is in +the spirit of Douglas Hofstadters destructive critique¹ and my own +critique of Franz-Josef Ochs² concepts of translation from a history of +science point of view. In comparison to the early beginnings (Bar-Hillel +1960 "The Present Status of Automatic Translation of Languages") little +progress has been made. In particular I will explain + +- why engineers use intermediate languages (IL) and why they suck + - analogies between code generation and literature translation + - keywords: philologists and barbarians, the babelfish-device, binary-size sanity +- how translation fails on IL-level and surface level (destination language) +- what a good computer assisted translation tool for advanced users can + achieve such as an Acme-based tool³ + +and present reproducable examples where Google Translate™ and its +epigones fail systematically. + +[1]: +[2]: +[3]: Nichols, E., Matsumoto, Y. 2007. Acme as an Interactive Translation Environment. in: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Plan 9, pp. 35–45, Murray Hill, USA, December 3-4, 2007 + +### OpenBSD Supremacy, Laslo Hunhold + +### Sierpinski on Flector, Gergely Bencsik, Tı́mea Fekete + +168 hours long noise from sierpinski triangles + +The topic of generative and low-complexity art is not new. Jürgen Schmidhuber identified low-complexity art as the +computer age verson of minimalism[1] in 1997, and drew up basic goals and rules about this genre in visual art. The +ideology of low-complexity art also usable in musical methodology with relevant rules and goals. + +In this work we will describe a structural noise-music genre album and the low-complexity background of it. This +project is about a small C language stack that generates a 168 hours long music album into a large data blob that can be +separated to smaller chunks. The album, Sierpinski on Flector also uses a generation method[2] that is been presented by +Ville-Matias Heikkilä, known as byte-beat. + +[1]: Jürgen Schmidhuber, Low-Complexity art, 1997: Leonardo, MIT Press, Vol. 30, No. 2 (1997), pp. 97-103. +[2]: Ville-Matias Heikkilä, Discovering novel computer music techniques by exploring the space of short computer pro- +grams, 2011: + +### The Static Web, Laslo Hunhold + +### Unicode Project, Laslo Hunhold + +### Lightning Talks + +Every participant is invited to give a lightning talk on a topic they are working on. + +(18:00) Dinner +-------------- + +(19:00-) Evening program +------------------------ + +Sunday, 2019-10-06 +================== + +(09:00-16:00) Hacking and Departure +-----------------------------------