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2020-08-04 17:11[dwm][patch][alwaysontop] reset alwaysontop when unfloating a clientRob Pilling1+16-14
2020-08-03 12:41Slock - Adds info about dwm key changes for slock mediakeys patchAkshay Nair1+19-5
2020-08-02 20:02Adds keypress feedback patchAkshay Nair1+15-0
2020-08-02 18:42Adds update mediakeys patchAkshay Nair1+3-0
2020-08-01 13:11[dwm][patch][reorganizetags] add reorganizetags patchPaul Baldaray2+80-0
2020-07-31 08:22[st][patch][alpha_focus_highlight]: fixJulius Huelsmann3+442-4
2020-07-30 15:52Update script_tags to use fifodadaurs3+116-44
2020-07-30 00:00[dwm][patch][ipc] Update patch to v1.5.4Mihir Lad5+3449-3250
2020-07-29 19:51update diff file for dwm chainkey patchbraunbearded3+267-225
2020-07-29 18:16add keychain wiki entrybraunbearded2+243-0
2020-07-28 23:52[dwm][patch] setborderpx fix argument explanation againAaron Duxler1+2-2
2020-07-28 23:48setboderpx fix indentationAaron Duxler1+3-3
2020-07-28 23:45setborderpx fix argument explanationAaron Duxler1+4-4
2020-07-28 17:43[dwm][patch][alwaysontop] fix alwaysontop clients spanning monitorsRob Pilling1+13-11
2020-07-28 08:57A correction to the last commitAshish Kumar Yadav1+1-1
2020-07-28 08:53Updated dsblocks' info in stataus_monitor indexAshish Kumar Yadav1+2-1
2020-07-27 19:23[dwm][patch][alwaysontop] add alwaysontop patchRob Pilling2+127-0
2020-07-27 02:44add link to dwl as a related projectDevin J. Pohly1+1-0
2020-07-26 03:58[dwm][patch][ipc] Update patch to v1.5.3Mihir Lad4+3250-3219
2020-07-26 00:06[st][patch][desktopentry] clean up descriptionaleks1+1-1
2020-07-25 23:58[st][patch][netwmicon] fix underscores in index.mdaleks1+5-5
2020-07-25 10:59Updated my email addressPhilip K2+2-2
2020-07-25 09:32dwm barpadding: fix e-mail link and date format styleHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2020-07-25 00:06[dwm][patch] anybar initial commitMihir Lad3+793-0
2020-07-25 00:05[dwm][patch] ipc initial commitMihir Lad2+3303-0
2020-07-24 22:16[st][patch][visualbell] Update patch to newest st version 0.8.4Matthias Schoth2+52-2
2020-07-23 00:00Fix centeredwindowname patch window name overflowbastila2+32-0
2020-07-20 18:53Updated barpadding patch for bb2e722Pavel Oborin2+126-0
2020-07-20 17:41[st][patch][selectioncolors] specify that aleks created 0.8.2aleks1+1-1
2020-07-20 14:19[st][patch][selectioncolors] fix a bug related to cursor colorAshish Kumar Yadav1+13-10
2020-07-20 08:08[st][patch] swapmouse - new patch for stAshish Kumar Yadav2+54-0
2020-07-20 07:51[st][patch][selectioncolors] don't disable color reversing for external programsAshish Kumar Yadav2+110-2
2020-07-19 21:23[dwm][patch][uselessgap] Fixed issue where when moving a client to a different monitor, it would incorrectly check the client's previous monitor instead of its current one to determine if the gaps and border should be drawn.Mateus Auler2+86-0
2020-07-18 21:41[st][patches][netwmicon] addaleks3+802-0
2020-07-17 21:20[dwm][patch] focusmaster - Ability to map a key combination to switch focus to the master window.Mateus Auler2+64-0
2020-07-17 00:30Update surf feeds detection scriptCharles E. Lehner1+12-6
2020-07-15 06:35fixed bad markdown formattingrunrin1+1-1
2020-07-14 20:35move sprop back from oldgit to gitHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2020-07-14 13:44[dwm][patch] status2d + extrabar, add dwm-status2d-extrabar-6.2.diff and include it in index.mdklassiker2+341-0
2020-07-13 16:39Fixed new line insertion issue in cache file when the entries are not selected and optimised code.ananthu1+3-3
2020-07-13 07:52fixed 100% BROKEN CODEjon1+4-2
2020-07-13 06:37colemak keybindings patchrunrin2+48-0
2020-07-12 08:11[st][PATCH] colors at launch [new]MLquest82+58-0
2020-07-10 07:12Added new slock patch. It uses Imlib to take a screenshot and blur/pixelate it and uses it as lockscreen imageLars Niesen2+373-0
2020-07-09 15:08[dwm][patch] statusallmons - Update to 6.2Tuxway Suckless2+27-0
2020-07-09 08:28[dmenu][patch] navhist: update and add search patchPhilip K3+534-0
2020-07-08 18:57dwm systray toggle: remove corrupt/broken patchHiltjo Posthuma2+0-68
2020-07-08 18:51Revert "Added new sic patch. Which allows the user to define the nickname in"Hiltjo Posthuma2+0-36
2020-07-08 17:41Added new sic patch. Which allows the user to define the nickname in config.def.h instead of using getenv()qorg112+36-0
2020-07-08 14:47dwm swallow: fix broken linkHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2020-07-08 02:56added link to new swallow download (
2020-07-08 01:59Gave myself credit on the dwm/patches/swallow page.jmanabc1+1-0
2020-07-08 01:44Upadated swallow to work on a new copy of dwm. Removed scanner variable in dwm.c, corrected improper capitalization in config.def.hjmanabc1+367-0
2020-07-06 21:30Added another status monitor for dwm in index.mdAshish Kumar Yadav1+2-0
2020-07-06 15:30added the attachasideandbelow patchtoniz42+121-0
2020-07-05 11:21[dwm][patch] showselmon - showes which monitor is currently selectedTuxway Suckless2+67-0
2020-07-04 16:59[dmenu][patch] grid: Add patch, allows rendering dmenu entries in grid formatMiles Alan3+124-0
2020-07-04 16:56[dmenu][patch] highlight: Modify to only render highlights in width boundsMiles Alan1+15-14
2020-07-04 16:55[dmenu][patch] managed: Add patch, lets you turn dmenu into a managed windowMiles Alan2+110-0
2020-07-03 22:41Corrected sorting error in the previous commitAshish Kumar Yadav1+2-2
2020-07-03 21:26Added another status monitorAshish Kumar Yadav1+2-0
2020-07-01 06:55[dwm][PATCH] added variant of the holdbar patch that allows the modkey to be used as the holdkey while supporting togglebarStein Bakkeby2+148-0
2020-06-30 20:48[st][PATCH] universcroll: add docs/page formattingDennis Lee1+32-6
2020-06-30 16:24Add new dwm status_monitor to index.mdStargarth1+3-0
2020-06-30 11:52[dwm][PATCH][movethrow] make cursor follow windowsRandoragon1+2-1
2020-06-30 10:15Add movethrow dwm patchRandoragon2+115-0
2020-06-30 09:39rocks: sfeed: add link to curses UI, change link to homepage articleHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2020-06-30 09:36universcroll: fix e-mail linkHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2020-06-30 05:19[st][PATCH] universcroll: altscreen detect/bindsDennis Lee3+169-0
2020-06-27 17:22[dwm][patch] dwm-movetoedgeDhaval Patel2+146-0
2020-06-25 07:33fixed spelling errorstoniz43+17-17
2020-06-25 03:48added a patch that centers all floating clientstoniz42+29-0
2020-06-23 07:16added dwm patch aspectresizeDhaval Patel2+110-0
2020-06-22 10:57[dwm][patch] dwm-pertag-perseltag fix tag 0Aaron Duxler2+41-19
2020-06-21 18:03Port Urgendtborders to 6.2Dirk Leichsenring2+58-0
2020-06-20 13:28[dwm][PATCH] updated emptyview for version 6.2 and added a config option.MLquest82+88-1
2020-06-20 13:03Point to (without leading `the')Leonardo Taccari1+1-1
2020-06-20 12:10[dwm][PATCH] added sizehints-isfreesize for 6.2.MLquest82+110-4
2020-06-19 15:38st-solarized-both 0.8.4 update indexRichard Ipsum1+1-0
2020-06-19 15:30st-solarized-both 0.8.4Richard Ipsum1+192-0
2020-06-19 10:18[dwm][PATCH] minor fixes to xtile index.mdMLquest81+5-5
2020-06-19 09:35st: release 0.8.4Hiltjo Posthuma2+5-1
2020-06-18 12:25[dwm][patch][moveresize] fix link to correct fileoxinosg1+1-1
2020-06-18 11:57[dwm][PATCH] removed redundant code from attachtop and attachdirection.MLquest82+35-55
2020-06-18 11:44[dwm][PATCH] added attachtop[new] and updated attachdirection to include it.MLquest84+175-20
2020-06-18 10:52[st][patch][sync] update app-sync to st masterAvi Halachmi (:avih)2+262-1
2020-06-17 17:25Provide fix for cfacts patchTobias Giess2+119-0
2020-06-17 13:26update the patch so that it works with the latest versionCihangir Akturk2+320-0
2020-06-16 06:32added modified version of dmenu_run scriptbit9tream2+9-0
2020-06-15 18:12[dwm][PATCH] added xtile runtime gaps for version 6.2 [new]MLquest83+186-17
2020-06-14 14:10fix: formattingbit9tream1+1-1
2020-06-14 09:57[dwm][PATCH] float border color updated for version 6.2MLquest82+99-0
2020-06-14 09:23[dwm][PATCH] sizehints-ruled updated and working as intendedMLquest82+69-21
2020-06-13 18:04[dwm][PATCH] added attachdirection [new]MLquest82+222-0
2020-06-12 14:15community: update/clarify mailinglist rulesHiltjo Posthuma1+8-6
2020-06-12 13:38[dwm][PATCH] added "ruled" version of sizehintsMLquest82+59-4
2020-06-12 12:42[dwm][PATCH] updated sizehints for version 6.2MLquest82+39-0
2020-06-12 12:09[dwm][PATCH] updated stacker for version 6.2MLquest82+199-0
2020-06-12 11:46[dwm][PATCH] added xresources patch [new]MLquest82+268-0
2020-06-12 11:39[dwm][PATCH] updated xtile for 6.2MLquest82+314-0
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