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Add slcon6 announcement

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,51 @@ +suckless conference 2019, Bad Liebenzell, Germany +================================================= + +slcon6 will be held in Bad Liebenzell, Baden-Württemberg in Germany on +2019-10-(04-06). + +Call for Papers +--------------- + +There will be regular talk sessions this year and we are calling for +optional talk proposals of around 30-60 minutes covering either +technological or philosophical topics (rants are welcome as well). Each +proposal should contain + +* the name of the author +* an abstract written in English +* presumably reference links to related ideas or topics + +and be sent to []( +_until 2019-06-30_. We don't expect a paper or slide set prior to the +conference! If you can not attend on a certain day, please add a note +about it so we can fine-tune the schedule accordingly. + +Conference Registration +----------------------- + +The accommodation fee will be between 95-150€ and includes everything. +It will be due upon reservation confirmation. +Please contact us if and why you want to request sponsorship for the +accomodation; nobody should be left out for financial reasons. + +In order to be able to arrange the conference properly, we also kindly +ask all of you who want to attend the event to _register until +2019-09-01_ by sending a mail to +[]( +with your name and clear message that you will definitely attend. +Places are limited (!) and secured on a first mail basis. We will inform +all successful registrants within 2 weeks after receiving their +mail. + +We also believe that it would be a good idea to arrange your travel +already, if you plan to attend. We recommend arrival on 2019-10-04 at +noon and departure on 2019-10-06 evening. +The closest international airport is Stuttgart, Germany. Bad Liebenzell +is a 40 minute trip from Stuttgart airport and well-accessible by train. + +Members of the e.V. are invited to attend our annual +Mitgliederversammlung (members meeting) on 2019-10-05 evening at the +venue (the exact location will be communicated later). + +We are looking forward to your talk proposals and registration requests! diff --git a/ b/ @@ -7,6 +7,13 @@ list](/community). News ==== +2019-04-04 +---------- +Registrations are now open for [slcon6](conferences/2019) that will be held in +Bad Liebenzell, Germany on 2019-10-(04-06). + +The CfP for interested participants will end on 2019-06-30. + 2019-03-30 ---------- There is now a [patch overview](// tool to have a