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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,38 +1,18 @@ -suckless conference 2018, Würzburg, Germany +suckless hackathon 2018, Würzburg, Germany =========================================== -slcon 2018 will be held in Würzburg on 2018-07-(06-09). +slcon hackathon 2018 was held in Würzburg on 2018-07-(06-09). -Based on the very good experience we had last year, we will spend the -time together working and reflecting on projects and are open for talk -proposals, even though this will not be the main focus of this event. +->[![slcon2018 group photo 1](slcon2018-0-s.jpg)](slcon2018-0.jpg)<- +->[![slcon2018 group photo 1](slcon2018-1-s.jpg)](slcon2018-1.jpg)<- -The accomodation fee will be 150€ or less and includes everything (a -bed, towels, all meals, snacks, planned events) as a shared -accomodation. The only thing you need to schedule in beyond that are -your travel costs and costs in case we go to the pub or a restaurant. -If you wish to set up your own accomodation the accomodation fee will -be 50€ or less. +We used the time to work on new and existing projects. -In order to be able to arrange the conference properly, we kindly ask -all of you who want to attend the event to register until 2018-06-01 by -sending a mail to +->[![working table](slcon2018-2-s.jpg)](slcon2018-2.jpg)<- -* []( - -with your name and clear message that you will definitely attend. -Places are limited and secured on a first mail basis. We will inform -all successful registrants within 2 weeks after receiving their -mail. - -We also believe that it would be a good idea to arrange your travel -already, if you plan to attend. We recommend arrival on 2018-07-06 and -departure on 2018-07-(08-09). -The closest international airport is Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Würzburg -is a 90 minute trip from Frankfurt airport and well-accessible by train. - -Members of the e.V. are invited to attend our annual -Mitgliederversammlung (members meeting) on 2018-07-06 night in -Würzburg (the exact location will be communicated around early June -and we intend to meet in some Hinterzimmer of a nice Bavarian -Wirtshaus like last year). +Previous conferences +==================== +* [slcon 2017](../2017/) +* [slcon 2016](../2016/) +* [slcon 2015](../2015/) +* [slcon 2013](../2013/) diff --git a/ b/ Binary files differ. diff --git a/ b/ Binary files differ. diff --git a/ b/ Binary files differ. diff --git a/ b/ Binary files differ. diff --git a/ b/ Binary files differ. diff --git a/ b/ Binary files differ.