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Author: Mike Crawford <>
Date:   Fri,  8 Feb 2019 10:01:09 -0800

Added "The SystemD Platform: an Unbiased Critique".

So far this is a very rough first page of what I expect to be
five to ten pages, largely informed by last night's Soylent News
- uncommonly civil - discussion:

I've not yet dug into SystemD's code itself.  Once I do, that will be
my very first Dead Tree _Book_, which book will also... "discuss"...
the impact that the half-dozen or maybe dozen init systems have
had on the cultures of each of Linux, BSD, Solaris - (Maybe), macOS
with it's launchd and launchctl, and what ever passes for init
around Redmon's parts.

One Last Word:

    Keep Up The Good Work!

-- Mad Doctor Mike

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