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Author: Ricardo B. Ayres <>
Date:   Tue, 10 Aug 2021 20:55:44 -0300

[wiki][sites][hacking] Clear up patch submission info

Trying to restructure the instructions on how to submit patches to the wiki

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -37,15 +37,19 @@ Patches There are two types of patches: The ones that fit to your personal taste and the ones you think should be included in mainline. -For patches that should be included in mainline see the +1. For patches that fit your personal taste and you want to show the community, +please follow the instructions on the [wiki](// page on how +to edit the pages you see here. + +2. For patches that should be included in mainline see the [community](// page and the hackers@ mailing list. +Please note that only patches to be included in mainline repos are to be +submitted to this list, customisation patches are to be submitted to the wiki! Please provide a clear concise "commit message" for your patches. -You can use the following instructions to generate and apply patches posted on -this wiki. On how to upload patches which fit your personal taste and you want -to show the community, see the [wiki](// page on how to edit -the pages you see here. +The following instructions are a general guide on how to generate and apply +patches posted on this wiki: patch filename format ---------------------