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project_ideas: update with useful links

(and remove a proposed solution, maybe add this to related projects or so).

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -26,7 +26,10 @@ Current small tasks <> This should use the geomyidae gopher server and the gph output format. Difficulty: medium-rare. -* Fix broken patches on the wiki. Difficulty: trivial-medium. +* Fix broken patches on the wiki. Difficulty: trivial-medium. + See: <> +* Fix broken links on the wiki. Difficulty: trivial. + See: <> * Fix typos and formatting errors on the wiki. Difficulty: trivial. @@ -49,13 +52,6 @@ care about font specifics. [Some work]( has already been done to replace libXft and Fontconfig. Real-world testing is however still needed. -A simple solution is [Scalable Screen Font](, -which is a dependency-free, single ANSI C89 header file that can render bitmap, -pixmap and vector fonts using the same API. Uses a very efficient font format and -includes a multiplatform command line tool to convert virtually all font files -into .sfn files. Comparable to professional font rendering engines, supports -UNICODE, scaling, anti-aliasing, alpha-blending, kerning, ligatures etc. - ***Requirements:*** C knowledge, some X11 knowledge and of course knowledge about the font formats and how to handle them.