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commit 4b4523fa69510a1d88f056028f6729dfd551321d
parent f55a871e9075c77f265bb1302b6b85ce68188dfb
Author: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
Date:   Wed, 27 Oct 2021 09:31:44 +0200

Revert "[dwm][patch][centertitle-proportionally]"

This reverts commit f2441f20a80fcf193173db374efc00065efd35dc.

The link to the patch does not work. The tool in the repository
can be useful to search for broken links on the wiki.

The center.png and trunc.png needs a thumbnail and be made smaller.

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3 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 75 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ b/ Binary files differ. diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,75 +0,0 @@ -centertitle proportionally -========================== - -Description ------------ -Center the title with proportion to the area that the title has, unlike the -other center title patches that center proportion to the screen size width -(`m->ww`). - - -![center](center.png) - - - - -If the title name is to long (if the title area it's too small for the title -string) it will back up to the default behaviour, which is to truncate the title. - - -![trunc](trunc.png) - - -Patchibility ------------- -_Compatibility with other patches_ - - -This is a simple enough patch and I'm leaving you with a logic text, I believe -you can figure out how to make it work with "X" patch. - - -In other notes I have [winicons](../winicons) compatible on my build. - -Logic ------ -Imagine you are on a word processor (word, writter..). To center the text is as -easy as cliking a button. When I click it (there is no text) the input line -(`|`) is exactly on the middle of the page, which means that the `x` axis (or -the padding of the text, in this case the input line only) **is** the width of -the page divided by two (w / 2). - -What if we add a character? The same logic can be applied. To make the text -center we need to **mesure** 'a distance' between the text and the edge of the -page. To do that we do the same thing above but now the `x` or padding isn't -only the width of the page, since we added a character we have to sutract the -width of that character on the width of the page. We want 2 result with the -same value to give the ilusion of a 'centered text'. - -``` -width of the page / 2 - width of the character / 2 -``` -in short: -``` -w / 2 - TEXTW(title) / 2 -``` -where _title_ is a string. - -``` -( w - TEXTW(title) ) / 2 -``` - -Okay, what if I have an icon? -``` -( w - TEXTW(title) + iconwidth ) / 2 -``` - - -Download --------- -* [dwm-centertitle-proporcionally.diff](dwm-centertitle-proporcionally-6.2.diff) -* [github mirror]( - -Author ------- -* explosion-mental - <> diff --git a/ b/ Binary files differ.