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Author: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
Date:   Thu, 13 Oct 2022 21:59:03 +0200

remove link to

this is not needed at all, just read the man page.

Inlining a patch in your editor is totally fine too.

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -71,9 +71,6 @@ to hackers@. Be sure to have setup your sender address in git and be subscribed to the mailing list so you can see eventual comments on your patches. -For further help of setting up git to send emails, please refer to -[this website]( - * `hackers+subscribe@MAILHOST` - subscribe to the mailing list (read/write) * `hackers+subscribe-digest@MAILHOST` - subscribe to the digest version of the mailing list (read/write) * `hackers+subscribe-nomail@MAILHOST` - subscribe without receiving e-mails from the mailing list (write)