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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,35 @@ +The Suckless Community +============================= + +All they do is whine about stuff they don't like + +Their software "alternatives" are completely unusable in any pragmatic sense. + +they don't like GUIs, they don't like modern programming languages, and +they're joining a community near you to spend 5 hours a day whining about it. + +Try joining [the mailing list](, +it's a neverending series of complaints about how buggy and broken their software is. + +As much as they tout the portability and usability of their hyper-minimal C programs, +they're riddled with bugs and they don't actually maintain them so any usable form of them requires +"patches" inserted in the source code by the end user. + +This means, of course that any binary distribution is out of the question. You have to compile it yourself. + +These are the people who join support groups and tell new users to "RTFM", +the same unreadable manpages they bitch about in +[sucks, under Documentation]( + +They'd send newb ubuntu users to lmgtfy, but it probably doesn't load in [their favorite browser.]( + +They ultimately harm the free software world far more than they help it by bashing every good thing the free software world +has created. + +They especially hate [SystemD]( to the point of derangement, +going so far as to contradict themselves multiple times in a desparate attempt to make any legitimate criticism. + +Most of the claims suckless makes are pure FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) designed to garner attention to their C +( **C**omplaining) cult. + +Do yourself a favor and kick your local suckless member in the balls.