grapheme cluster utility library
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2020-12-04 12:35Refactor data-tables and lookup-code to be more universalLaslo Hunhold11+368-372
2020-10-20 21:52Rename datafiles and testsLaslo Hunhold10+62-62
2020-10-18 20:36Don't compile tests by defaultLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2020-10-18 20:35Compile the test binaries explicitly with libgrapheme.aLaslo Hunhold1+4-4
2020-10-18 20:20Split test/test.c into three separate testsLaslo Hunhold5+415-377
2020-10-18 17:07Replace awk-scripts with C programs for data-parsingLaslo Hunhold9+531-278
2020-10-17 18:57Refactor directory structure and MakefileLaslo Hunhold5+689-686
2020-10-17 16:26Add sentence explaining the need for grapheme cluster handlingLaslo Hunhold1+7-6
2020-10-17 16:21Fix two small mistakes in libgrapheme.7Laslo Hunhold1+2-2
2020-10-17 16:17Refactor grapheme_boundary()Laslo Hunhold1+129-81
2020-10-12 11:56Make example in grapheme_bytelen.3 more portable and mention UTF-8Laslo Hunhold1+31-3
2020-10-12 10:43Update modification dates in libgrapheme.7 and grapheme_bytelen.3Laslo Hunhold2+2-2
2020-10-12 10:32Rename grapheme_len() to grapheme_bytelen() and refactor manualLaslo Hunhold6+64-48
2020-10-12 09:41Clear up libgrapheme.7 even moreLaslo Hunhold1+76-43
2020-10-10 17:04Explicitly specify version 13.0.0 in data-URLsLaslo Hunhold1+3-3
2020-10-10 16:56Refactor libgrapheme.7Laslo Hunhold1+79-27
2020-06-01 20:01Small style changeLaslo Hunhold1+2-1
2020-06-01 10:46Move up test target and add explicit dependencyLaslo Hunhold1+3-3
2020-06-01 10:32Add to rather than subtract from unsigned integerLaslo Hunhold1+2-2
2020-06-01 10:18Ensure POSIX-conformance in the data tablesLaslo Hunhold3+5-5
2020-06-01 10:11Rename CP_INVALID to GRAPHEME_CP_INVALIDLaslo Hunhold4+29-28
2020-06-01 10:06Make boundary.c depend on gbp.awk, not gbt.awkLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2020-06-01 10:00Expose grapheme_cp_{en,de}code() and grapheme_boundary()Laslo Hunhold11+36-55
2020-05-31 21:13Pass proper options to wgetLaslo Hunhold1+3-3
2020-05-31 21:00Use uppercase-hex-letters and ensure POSIX-conformanceLaslo Hunhold1+3-3
2020-05-31 20:55Actually increment number of failed decoding testsLaslo Hunhold1+1-0
2020-05-31 20:54Clarify comments in encoder-testcase-structLaslo Hunhold1+2-2
2020-05-31 20:52Correctly write "code point"Laslo Hunhold3+4-4
2020-05-31 20:49Add UTF-8-encoder testsLaslo Hunhold1+75-2
2020-05-31 20:44Add UTF-8-encode-functionLaslo Hunhold2+62-4
2020-05-28 17:32Optimize the bit extraction a bitLaslo Hunhold1+2-2
2020-05-28 17:19Ensure POSIX-compliance on systems where int is 16 bitLaslo Hunhold1+7-6
2020-05-28 10:57Add automatic UTF-8-decoder-testsLaslo Hunhold2+267-5
2020-05-28 10:42Refactor UTF-8 decoderLaslo Hunhold3+116-64
2020-05-06 06:27Update emoji-data to Unicode 13.0Laslo Hunhold2+1018-479
2020-03-31 10:41Include example in grapheme_len(3) manpageLaslo Hunhold1+22-0
2020-03-26 17:46Initial commitLaslo Hunhold18+3647-0