suckless command-line video editing utility
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TODO (3156B)

      1 blind-tee (and tee(1)) is too slow (bottleneck) and must be reimplemented
      2 using tee(2) and splice(2). cat(1) may also be too slow, if this is the
      3 case, add blind-splice that just copies stdin to stdout using splice(2).
      5 blind-transform		affine transformation by matrix multiplication, -[xy] for tiling, -s for
      6 				improve quality on downscaling (pixels' neighbours must not change)
      7 blind-apply-map		remap pixels (distortion) using the X and Y values, -[xy] for tiling, -s for
      8 				improve quality on downscaling (pixels' neighbours must not change)
      9 blind-find-frame	a graphical tool for locating frames, should highlight key frames, and
     10 				play audio. Should support both regular videos files and uivf
     11 				finding key frames: ffprobe -show_frames (lists all frames)
     12 blind-invert-chroma	invert the chroma
     13 blind-from-sent		convert a sent presentation to a one-frame-per-slide blind video
     15 blind-sigmoid
     16 blind-kirsch
     17 blind-gaussian-noise
     18 blind-threshold
     19 ...
     20 blind-otsu
     21 blind-sobel
     22 blind-scharr
     23 blind-prewitt
     24 blind-roberts-cross
     25 ---
     26 ---
     27 ---
     28 ---
     29 ---
     30 ---
     31 ---
     32 blind-apply-icc		apply ICC profile to video
     33 blind-convex-gradient	create a gradient in the shape of a convex lens
     34 blind-concave-gradient	create a gradient in the shape of a concave lens
     35 			(convexo-concave gradient is not necessary is blind-convex-gradient
     36 			 or blind-concave-gradient can be combined with blind-arithm for this)
     37 blind-preview		a graphical tool for previewing the output of a pipeline
     38 				should display the output for a selected frame or image
     39 				should have sliders to tune environment variables
     40 ---			tool from creating blockwise transitions
     42 Add [-j jobs] to blind-from-video, blind-to-video, blind-convert, and blind-apply-kernel.
     44 long double is slightly faster than long.
     45 long double (xyza q) could be added as another format.
     46 unsigned char (xyza 8) could be added as another format, it's probably good for previewing
     48 blind-{convert,{from,to}-video} add options to cache result of:
     49 -	last pixel
     50 -	same pixel in previous frame
     53 	blind-gauss-blur		transparency pixels become dark green
     56 	blind-z-map			create a Z-map video from two or more videos
     57 	blind-track			track the movement of a point
     58 	blind-transition-mosaic		gradually turn a mosaic pattern into another