slstatusstatus monitorAaron Marcher <>29 hourssummarylogtree
wmnamesets/prints window manager name similiar to hostname(1)Anselm R Garbe <>3 monthssummarylogtree
swarpsimple pointer warp for XAnselm R Garbe <>3 monthssummarylogtree
sicsimple irc clientAnselm R Garbe <>3 monthssummarylogtree
swercanselm's simpler werc forkAnselm R Garbe <>3 weekssummarylogtree
monitormonitor scriptAnselm R Garbe <>2 monthssummarylogtree
lswlists window titles of X clients to stdoutAnselm R Garbe <>3 monthssummarylogtree
9baserevived minimalist port of Plan 9 userland to UnixAnselm R Garbe <>7 weekssummarylogtree
sselpsimple X selection printer to stdoutAnselm R Garbe <>3 monthssummarylogtree
dwmdynamic window managerAnselm R Garbe <>3 monthssummarylogtree
slocksimple X display locker utilityAnselm R Garbe <>3 monthssummarylogtree
libslshared code master of various suckless projectsAnselm R Garbe <>3 monthssummarylogtree
smdevsuckless mdevDimitris Papastamos <>3 monthssummarylogtree
sinitsuckless initDimitris Papastamos <>3 monthssummarylogtree
ubasesuckless linux base utilsDimitris Papastamos <>5 weekssummarylogtree
iiirc it, simple FIFO based irc clientHiltjo Posthuma <>3 monthssummarylogtree
stsimple terminalHiltjo Posthuma <>10 dayssummarylogtree
dmenudynamic menuHiltjo Posthuma <>3 monthssummarylogtree
lchatA line oriented chat front end for ii.Jan Klemkow <>3 weekssummarylogtree
quarkquark web serverLaslo Hunhold <>4 weekssummarylogtree
farbfeldsuckless image format with conversion toolsLaslo Hunhold <>6 weekssummarylogtree
tabbedtab interface for application supporting XembedMarkus Teich <>3 monthssummarylogtree
sentsimple plaintext presentation toolMarkus Teich <>3 weekssummarylogtree
xssstatea simple utility to get the X screensaver stateMarkus Teich <>3 monthssummarylogtree
libzahlbig integer libraryMattias Andrée <>3 monthssummarylogtree
blindsuckless command-line video editing utilityMattias Andrée <>45 hourssummarylogtree
sbasesuckless unix toolsMichael Forney <>2 weekssummarylogtree
surfsurf browser, a WebKit based browserQuentin Rameau <>3 monthssummarylogtree
utmpsimple login manager none3 monthssummarylogtree
sitespublic wiki contents of suckless.orgwiki@suckless.org28 hourssummarylogtree