revived minimalist port of Plan 9 userland to Unix
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Author: anselm@garbe.us <unknown>
Date:   Tue, 27 Apr 2010 08:50:05 +0100

updated some man pages that I could find
Mfortune/fortune.1 | 23+++++++++++++++++++++++
Mfreq/freq.1 | 40++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Mmkdir/mkdir.1 | 43+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
3 files changed, 106 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fortune/fortune.1 b/fortune/fortune.1 @@ -0,0 +1,23 @@ +.TH FORTUNE 1 +.SH NAME +fortune \- sample lines from a file +.SH SYNOPSIS +.B fortune +[ +.I file +] +.SH DESCRIPTION +.I Fortune +prints a one-line aphorism chosen at random. +If a +.I file +is specified, the saying is taken from that file; +otherwise it is selected from +.BR \*9/lib/fortunes . +.SH FILES +.B \*9/lib/fortunes +.br +.B \*9/lib/fortunes.index +\ \ fast lookup table, maintained automatically +.SH SOURCE +.B \*9/src/cmd/fortune.c diff --git a/freq/freq.1 b/freq/freq.1 @@ -0,0 +1,40 @@ +.TH FREQ 1 +.SH NAME +freq \- print histogram of character frequencies +.SH SYNOPSIS +.B freq +[ +.B -dxocr +] +[ +.I file ... +] +.SH DESCRIPTION +.I Freq +reads the given files (default standard input) +and prints histograms of the character frequencies. +By default, +.I freq +counts each byte as a character; +under the +.B -r +option it instead counts +.SM UTF +sequences, that is, runes. +.PP +Each non-zero entry of the table is printed preceded by the byte value, +in decimal, octal, hex, and +Unicode +character (if printable). +If any options are given, the +.BR -d , +.BR -x , +.BR -o , +.B -c +flags specify a subset of value formats: decimal, hex, octal, and +character, respectively. +.SH SOURCE +.B \*9/src/cmd/freq.c +.SH SEE ALSO +.IR utf (7), +.IR wc (1) diff --git a/mkdir/mkdir.1 b/mkdir/mkdir.1 @@ -0,0 +1,43 @@ +.TH MKDIR 1 +.SH NAME +mkdir \- make a directory +.SH SYNOPSIS +.B mkdir +[ +.B -p +] [ +.B -m +. I mode +] +.I dirname ... +.SH DESCRIPTION +.I Mkdir +creates the specified directories. +It +requires write permission in the parent directory. +.PP +If the +.B -p +flag is given, +.I mkdir +creates any necessary parent directories +and does not complain if the target directory already exists. +.PP +The +.B -m +flag sets the permissions to be used when creating the directory. +The default is 0777. +.SH "SEE ALSO" +.IR rm (1) +.br +.IR cd +in +.IR rc (1) +.SH SOURCE +.B \*9/src/cmd/mkdir.c +.SH DIAGNOSTICS +.I Mkdir +returns null exit status if all directories were successfully made. +Otherwise it prints a diagnostic and returns +.B \&"error" +status.