AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
16 hoursAdd my retirement notice.HEADmasterChristoph Lohmann1-3/+5
43 hoursEmbed Jan's project links in the abstractFRIGN1-5/+5
43 hoursadd links to the projects of my talksJan Klemkow1-0/+2
44 hoursFix dead and broken links on main domain suckless.orgFRIGN11-28/+26
45 hoursUse markdown for Silvan's slides link and host at dl.sta.liFRIGN1-3/+1
45 hoursAdd a link to the slides of the "XML damage control" talkSilvan Jegen1-0/+2
2 daysUse shorter linkuser1-1/+1
2 daysslcon: borrowing -> lendingFRIGN2-2/+2
2 daysAdd news announcing the availability of slcon 2016 videosFRIGN1-0/+4
2 daysslcon 2016: Fix a few minor thingsFRIGN1-3/+3
2 daysAdd the slcon 2016 videosFRIGN1-0/+87
3 daysAdd slcon 2016 imageFRIGN3-0/+2
3 daysFix general assembly descriptionFRIGN1-3/+3
3 daysCleanup and rewrite the slcon 2016 abstractsFRIGN1-131/+93
3 daysFix the slcon 2016 scheduleFRIGN1-21/+21
3 daysFix conference links on the front pageFRIGN1-4/+4
3 daysRename "conference" folder to "conferences"FRIGN6-0/+0
3 daysMove slcon 2016 to its own fileFRIGN1-7/+5
4 daysAdd nano to /rocksNick1-0/+1
4 daysUpdate nano key sequence note that dwm will stomp on.Nick1-0/+2
4 daysAdd a note about nano softwrap key sequence that dwm will stomp on.Nick1-0/+8
5 days[st] update scrollback patchJochen Sprickerhof3-27/+28
5 daysfurther adjustmentsAnselm R Garbe1-12/+6
5 daysminor adjustments to the scheduleAnselm R Garbe1-22/+24
6 daysadded Friday get together locationAnselm R Garbe1-8/+9
7 daysVis rocks.Paride Legovini1-0/+1
9 daysRebase st-scrollback on 0.7; disable ShiftMask when using st-scrollback-mouse...Paride Legovini4-4/+494
10 daysAdd a messages from a Slackware system.Nick1-0/+5
2016-09-13Fixed mising link to subversion on /sucksDraco Metallium1-0/+2
2016-09-12Add a patch for sticky clients in dwm.Ryan Roden-Corrent3-0/+132
2016-09-09Update pam_auth patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2-0/+159
2016-09-06Fix slcon3 preliminary schedule release dateQuentin Rameau1-1/+1 add systemd reboot message informationdoppler1-0/+20
2016-09-02dmenu: add revision patch for xywAdrian Emil Grigore2-0/+88
2016-09-02[slock] Typofix in mediakeys patch dateKlemens Nanni2-1/+1
2016-09-02[slock] Update capscolor patchKlemens Nanni2-17/+32
2016-09-02[slock] Update mediakeys patchKlemens Nanni2-12/+12
2016-09-01focusurgent: simplify patchJan Christoph Ebersbach1-1/+1
2016-08-31Add focusurgent patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2-0/+60
2016-08-31[slock] Add mediakeys patchKlemens Nanni2-0/+68
2016-08-30Remove accidently committed patchKlemens Nanni1-48/+0
2016-08-30What's the use of a color scheme converter without color schemes ?rsalle1-1/+2
2016-08-29Add snownews to rocks pageKlemens Nanni2-0/+49
2016-08-29Adding a migrating page for a tool that converts iTerm2 color themes to straphael1-0/+7
2016-08-29singletagset: fix issue in collection tagsJan Christoph Ebersbach1-1/+1
2016-08-25added Ori's talkAnselm R Garbe1-15/+46
2016-08-24add donationJan Klemkow1-0/+1
2016-08-24correct the abstracts of my slcon3 talksJan Klemkow1-13/+11
2016-08-24Spacing fixes for st vertcenter patch pageDoug Whiteley1-2/+4
2016-08-24minor fixesAnselm R Garbe1-3/+3