BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[st] Update fix keyboard input patchJan Christoph Ebersbach48 hours
taggridChecked taggrid tutorialShvedov Yury3 years
xkbPatch tutorial checkedShvedov Yury3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
48 hours[st] Update fix keyboard input patchHEADmasterJan Christoph Ebersbach2-17/+785
6 days[st][scrollback] added notesclaudiu1-0/+6
11 days[dmenu] add password patchPhilip K2-0/+83
13 daysfix some external links, remove some old information.Hiltjo Posthuma14-445/+11
14 daysfix some broken links, e-mail links, old linksHiltjo Posthuma14-21/+18
14 daysdmenu mouse support: add patch for 4.7, fix link to 4.6 patchHiltjo Posthuma2-1/+158
2017-06-08[st][externalpipe] adjust docs to new improvementsLucas Gabriel Vuotto1-2/+5
2017-06-08[st][externalpipe] backport improvements to 0.7Lucas Gabriel Vuotto2-1/+92
2017-06-08[st][externalpipe] patch improvementsLucas Gabriel Vuotto3-76/+103
2017-06-06[st] Fix code formattingJan Christoph Ebersbach1-20/+11