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masteradded Ori's talkAnselm R Garbe45 hours
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45 hoursadded Ori's talkHEADmasterAnselm R Garbe1-15/+46
3 daysadd donationJan Klemkow1-0/+1
3 dayscorrect the abstracts of my slcon3 talksJan Klemkow1-13/+11
3 daysSpacing fixes for st vertcenter patch pageDoug Whiteley1-2/+4
3 daysminor fixesAnselm R Garbe1-3/+3
3 dayspublished preliminary slcon3 scheduleAnselm R Garbe2-32/+155
4 daysAdd dmenu scriptkaiksto3-0/+35
6 daysWas accussed that I spam the wiki page, so I withdraw my contributions.wifiextender2-102/+0
8 daysAdd vertcenter st patchDoug Whiteley7-0/+111
9 dayslink to venueAnselm R Garbe1-1/+1