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2021-09-18 02:24rocks: Fix termbox link.Adam Saponara1+1-1
2021-09-17 07:02add profanity to rocks xmpp clientprx1+1-0
2021-09-15 10:44[dmenu][patch] slight reword, md syntax fix.NRK1+6-4
2021-09-15 10:39[rocks] fix nnn's nameNRK1+1-1
2021-09-13 11:39Use indexed scaling to reduce artifacts even moreLaslo Hunhold1+0-0
2021-09-13 11:37Properly scale dwm screenshotLaslo Hunhold1+0-0
2021-09-05 15:10fixed mistake in surf/files/adblock/index.mdplasmoduck1+1-1
2021-09-05 03:04markup syntax fixNRK1+3-3
2021-09-04 02:27escape underscore to avoid italicsNRK1+1-1
2021-09-04 01:57[dmenu][patch][separator] fix manpageNRK1+13-2
2021-09-03 19:54[dmenu][patch][separator] initial commitNRK2+119-0
2021-09-03 19:31[dmenu][patch][toggle-position] initial commitNRK2+58-0
2021-08-30 22:51surf quit-hotkey patch: fix link to patchHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2021-08-30 19:44Surf patch that adds a quit functionz0gg3r2+72-0
2021-08-29 16:51[dwm][patch][alternativetags] Added momentary switch and update for ed3ab64Jack Bird3+192-23
2021-08-29 10:42fix link for slock failure command patchHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2021-08-28 18:59slock secret password patchLuna Hensey2+47-0
2021-08-28 18:56Failure CommandLuna Hensey2+53-0
2021-08-28 18:46Auto timeout patch for slockLuna Hensey2+220-0
2021-08-28 17:47Add focusmonmouse patch for dwmFilip Seman2+38-0
2021-08-27 17:27[wiki][patch][st][ligatures] Update for st 0.8.4.Alexander Rogachev6+1583-0
2021-08-27 11:49[dwm][patch][xresources] Updated xresources for 138b405 onwardsJack Bird2+241-0
2021-08-27 01:16[dwm][patch] improving description wording and minor styling modificationsexplosion-mental2+61-22
2021-08-27 00:28[dwm][patch][focusmaster] Added 6.2 version for focusmaster-returnJack Bird2+93-0
2021-08-26 23:10[dwm][patch][swallow] Added 6.2 patchJack Bird2+413-0
2021-08-22 22:56[dwm][patch][moveresize] patch:howoz2+215-0
2021-08-22 15:09[st][patch][st-undercurl] Added new line stylesHexOctal4+609-245
2021-08-22 12:00Revert "[dwm][patch][moveresize] patch:"Hiltjo Posthuma2+0-215
2021-08-22 02:07[dwm][patch][moveresize] patch:howoz2+215-0
2021-08-21 08:43sucks: mention some alternatives, reword some textsHiltjo Posthuma1+11-8
2021-08-20 12:24rocks: add Oasis Linux, SXMO and the catgirl IRC clientHiltjo Posthuma1+5-0
2021-08-20 12:13update people page to be more up-to-date with current maintainersHiltjo Posthuma4+9-8
2021-08-20 12:01sucks: add BSD queue.h/tree.h to alternativesHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2021-08-20 11:59rocks: update QBEHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2021-08-20 09:16rm relativecontrolsHiltjo Posthuma2+0-363
2021-08-20 05:53[dwm][patch][winicon] Update and screenshots, introducing some config hacksAdamYuan2+4-0
2021-08-19 23:38[dwm][patch][titlecolor] Updated for ed3ab6b4 onwardsJack Bird2+49-0
2021-08-19 23:26[dwm][patch][resetlayout] Updated to link updated patchJack Bird1+2-0
2021-08-19 21:25Revert "relative controls patch"Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2021-08-19 21:22Revert "Added admin, doas replacement for linux, into correct category."Hiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2021-08-19 20:04Added admin, doas replacement for linux, into correct category.gek1+1-0
2021-08-19 05:36The rocks-page is not an advertisement-platform or satire-pageLaslo Hunhold1+0-4
2021-08-18 02:43Corrected placement of "admin"gek1+4-1
2021-08-18 02:34Added admin, a doas replacement for linux, to rocks/gek1+1-0
2021-08-17 15:30[dwm][patch][winicon] Optimization: remove unnecessary tmp array and memcpyAdamYuan1+24-24
2021-08-17 07:33[dwm][patch][winicon] Use XRender (Picture) to composite iconsAdamYuan3+381-341
2021-08-17 04:48relative controls patchMišo Barišić1+0-1
2021-08-16 22:47[dwm][patch][resetlayout] Updated patch so it can be cleanly appliedJack Bird1+65-0
2021-08-16 21:45Add relativecontrols patchMišo Barišić2+363-0
2021-08-15 23:58[dwm][patch][deck] Updated patch to apply on 6.2Jack Bird2+79-0
2021-08-15 20:41[dwm][wiki] add archive of a dead linkNRK1+1-1
2021-08-12 08:33optimize a few png files (optipng)Hiltjo Posthuma7+0-0
2021-08-12 08:27shift-tools: fix links to .c fileHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2021-08-12 08:26[dwm][patch][layoutscroll] added patchFyodor Doletov2+82-0
2021-08-12 04:10[dwm][patch][tag preview] add See the contents of a tag by hovering on it.explosion-mental3+340-0
2021-08-12 03:13[dwm][patch][shift-tools] added patch A collections of "shift" functions for dwmexplosion-mental4+517-0
2021-08-11 21:14hacking page: remove numbered itemsHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2021-08-11 14:55[st][patch][csi_22_23] Styling fix; update terminfoAshish Kumar Yadav1+57-34
2021-08-11 08:20small rewordHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2021-08-10 23:55[wiki][sites][hacking] Clear up patch submission infoRicardo B. Ayres1+9-5
2021-08-10 23:28[dwm][patch][tab] Fix rejected chunk in dwm.cRicardo B. Ayres3+500-502
2021-08-08 10:27[dwm][patch][rmaster] Fix failure when patched (6.2)Rizqi Nur Assyaufi1+9-10
2021-08-08 09:59[dwm][patch][mark] Fix failure when patched (6.2)Rizqi Nur Assyaufi1+4-4
2021-08-07 16:46[dwm][patch][environmentvars] addedAidan Hall2+72-0
2021-08-07 11:03[dwm][patch][alwaysontop] Fix failure when patchedRizqi Nur Assyaufi1+18-18
2021-08-06 18:57dwm: togglefloatingcenter: fix link to patchHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2021-08-06 17:12[dwm][patch][sendmoncenter] & [togglefloatingcenter] Fixed heading 1 formatedRizqi Nur Assyaufi2+2-2
2021-08-06 16:29[dwm][patch][togglefloatingcenter] Fixed the failure when patchedRizqi Nur Assyaufi3+32-30
2021-08-06 16:15[dwm][patch][sendmoncenter] Fixed the failure when patchedRizqi Nur Assyaufi1+11-12
2021-08-06 06:49[dwm][patch][togglefloatingcenter] centered togglefloating windowRizqi Nur Assyaufi2+47-0
2021-08-05 09:26[dmenu][patch][gridnav] removed bool and changed left/right navigation logicNathan Sketch1+15-18
2021-08-05 09:16[dwm][patch][sendmoncenter] Send floating window to another monitor will centeredRizqi Nur Assyaufi2+47-0
2021-08-04 23:25[dwm][patch][focusmaster] Updated and fixed broken patchJack Bird2+4-3
2021-08-04 22:53[dwm][patch][focusmaster] Uses lockfullscreen introduced in 138b405Jack Bird2+54-6
2021-08-04 20:48[dwm][patch][focusmaster] Each tag stores the return clientJack Bird3+90-82
2021-08-04 13:01[st][patch][title_parsing_fix] Added patch to fix title parsingAshish Kumar Yadav2+125-0
2021-08-03 22:48[st][patch][csi_22_23] Fixed a couple of bugs and some cleanupAshish Kumar Yadav1+36-43
2021-08-03 15:16[st][patch][csi_22_23] Fixed trivial bugAshish Kumar Yadav1+1-1
2021-08-02 18:47[st][patch][csi_22_23] Use xstrdupAshish Kumar Yadav1+1-1
2021-08-02 18:41[st][patch][openbsd] Add tic extended attributs 2c0dev0id1+1-0
2021-08-02 18:39[st][patch][openbsd] Add tic extended attributsc0dev0id1+40-0
2021-08-02 18:34[dwm][patch][bartabgroups] Updated for 138b405Jack Bird2+189-0
2021-08-02 17:07[st][patch][open_copied_url] Add exec promise to pledgec0dev0id2+84-0
2021-08-02 12:15[dwm][patch][floatrules] Bugfix and ImprovementNatanael J. Rabello2+76-0
2021-08-01 14:22[st][patch][csi_22_23] New patch for CSI escape sequences 22 and 23Ashish Kumar Yadav2+201-0
2021-08-01 14:14[st][patch][swapmouse] Fixed formatingAshish Kumar Yadav1+1-1
2021-07-31 16:56[st][patch][selectioncolors] Fixed bugs in and improved styling of 0.8.4 patchAshish Kumar Yadav1+53-25
2021-07-31 16:11sucks/systemd: small grammar fixAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-07-30 15:02svkbd: release 0.4Hiltjo Posthuma2+5-1
2021-07-29 22:19[dwm][patch][focusmaster] Added focusmaster-return patch.Jack Bird2+87-0
2021-07-29 05:39Fix headingJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2021-07-28 22:03[dwm][patch][canfocusfloating] fixed formattingGeorgios Oxinos1+3-3
2021-07-28 21:09[dwm][patch][notitle] Fixed typo in the title of index.mdJack Bird1+1-1
2021-07-28 20:56[dwm][patch][leftlayout] Includes the changes of 61bb8bJack Bird1+1-1
2021-07-26 09:42[st][patch][newterm] Added orphan variant of the newterm patchbakkeby2+113-0
2021-07-25 10:13dwm canfocusfloating: fix link to patchHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2021-07-24 21:51[dwm][patch][canfocusfloating] canfocusfloating minor improvementsGeorgios Oxinos3+151-137
2021-07-23 18:55Added rotatetags patch.Sam3+187-0
2021-07-23 16:19Added dmenu-bidi patchEyal Seelig2+123-0
2021-07-23 13:09[dwm][patch][ratiofullscreen] Add patchLayerex2+174-0
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