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      1 Fix Keyboard Input (Alpha version, use with caution!)
      2 =====================================================
      4 Description
      5 -----------
      6 This patch allows cli applications to use all the fancy key combinations that
      7 are available to gui applications. The new scheme for encoding key combinations
      8 was proposed by [Leonard]( and
      9 appears to have gained traction over the past years.
     11 Notes
     12 -----
     13 Very early stage version of this patch - I'm just at the beginning of testing
     14 it in real world settings. I tried to encode as many key combinations as
     15 possible according to the new scheme. This might cause issues with existing
     16 applications if they're not aware of it. Please report any issues that you come
     17 across.
     19 If you use `<C-[>` for `<Esc>`, I suggest that you remove the following line
     20 from this patch to re-enable the behavior:
     22 	{ XK_bracketleft,  ControlMask,                    "\033[91;5u",  0,  0},
     24 If you use `<C-6>` for changing to the alternative file, I suggest that you
     25 remove the following line from this patch to re-enable the behavior:
     27 	{ XK_6,            ControlMask,                    "\033[54;5u",  0,  0},
     29 I managed to bind the new mappings to actions in neovim.  If you're using
     30 tmux make sure that it's a recent version, 2.5 works fine for me.  The
     31 easiest way to know that this patch is working properly is to enter vim's
     32 command mode by pressing `:` followed by pressing `<C-v>` and the desired key
     33 combination.  This will print the key sequence that vim received.  Here are
     34 some example mappings for vim:
     36 	nmap <C-CR> :echo "<C-CR>"<CR>
     37 	nmap <C-S-CR> :echo "<C-S-CR>"<CR>
     38 	nmap <C-S-M-CR> :echo "<C-S-M-CR>"<CR>
     39 	nmap <S-M-CR> :echo "<S-M-CR>"<CR>
     40 	nmap <M-CR> :echo "<M-CR>"<CR>
     41 	nmap <C-M-CR> :echo "<C-M-CR>"<CR>
     42 	nmap <C-Tab> :echo "<C-Tab>"<CR>
     43 	nmap <C-S-Tab> :echo "<C-S-Tab>"<CR>
     44 	nmap <S-Tab> :echo "<S-Tab>"<CR>
     45 	nmap <M-Tab> :echo "<M-Tab>"<CR>
     47 Leonard suggests to bind the CSI sequence that starts an escape sequence to
     48 `0x9b` instead of `0x1b` (Esc) followed by `0x5b` (left bracket, `[`). This
     49 removes the double use of the Esc key in terminals. Programs that run in
     50 terminals always have to work around the double use of the Esc key by
     51 introducing a timeout that has to pass before a press of the plain Esc key is
     52 acted upon. For example in vim the timeout is set by the `ttimeout` and
     53 `ttimeoutlen` setting. If you want to get rid of the double use and the
     54 timeout, replace all occurrences of `\033[` with `\233` in the key definition.
     55 In addition, settings in your CLI programs have to be adjusted to disable the
     56 timeout.
     58 Here is an example.  This entry
     60 	{ XK_underscore,   ControlMask,                    "\033[95;5u",  0,  0},
     62 becomes the following:
     64 	{ XK_underscore,   ControlMask,                    "\23395;5u",   0,  0},
     66 Download
     67 --------
     68 * [st-fix-keyboard-input-20170603-5a10aca.diff](st-fix-keyboard-input-20170603-5a10aca.diff)
     69 * [st-fix-keyboard-input-20170621-b331da5.diff](st-fix-keyboard-input-20170621-b331da5.diff)
     70 * [st-fix-keyboard-input-20180605-dc3b5ba.diff](st-fix-keyboard-input-20180605-dc3b5ba.diff)
     72 Authors
     73 -------
     74 * Jan Christoph Ebersbach - <>