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      1 barpadding
      2 ==========
      4 Description
      5 -----------
      6 This patch adds variables for verticle and horizontal space between the statusbar and the edge of the screen; unlike [statuspadding](../statuspadding/), which adds padding between the bar's content and the edge of the bar. This patch adds two new variables (both default to 10) to config.def.h:
      7 * `vertpad` (amount of vertical padding)
      8 * `sidepad` (amount of padding either side of the bar)
     10 Compatible with both top and bottom bars as well as the togglebar function.
     12 Please note the following:
     13 * Modifies config.def.h, not config.h. You may need to add `rm config.h` to the 'clean' targets in the Makefile.
     14 * Does not add padding between the statusbar and the window clients. This is so that if you apply the [fullgaps](../fullgaps/) patch or similar, there will be equal space between the windows/screen edge and windows/bar.
     15 * May need `resizehints` to be set to 0 to make the patch look proper, especially if your bar is on the bottom. Modify the 'resizehints' variable in config.def.h.
     17 Screenshots:
     18 ![barpadding screenshot](barpadding.png)
     20 Download
     21 --------
     22 * [dwm-barpadding-6.2.diff](dwm-barpadding-6.2.diff) (10.12.2019 - DD.MM.YYYY)
     24 Author
     25 ------
     26 * Alex Cole