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      1 leakedip
      2 ========
      4 Description
      5 -----------
      6 This patch adds a new function - `leaked_ip`, which prints a public IP address that an Internet server sees when a user contacts it.
      8 The function works by querying a third party service, namely **, to return back the IP address seen in a query packet. It's different from builtin `ipv4` and `ipv6` functions, whose work is just showing IP addresses bound to a local interface, which often differs from the identity seen by the Internet.
     10 Note also that by default `` limits the rate of queries to **45** by the time of writing the patch, so the variable `interval` probably should be adjusted accordingly.
     12 **CAUTION!!!** Queries are sent unencrypted through `HTTP` protocol, because this service states that a user need to pay money for the benefit of *SSL* encryption.
     14 Download
     15 --------
     16 * [slstatus-leakedip-20230105-c919def.diff](slstatus-leakedip-20230105-c919def.diff)
     18 Authors
     19 -------
     20 * Matvey Kiselyov <>