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      1 listfullwidth
      2 =============
      3 Fork of [vertfull](../vertfull), updated for 5.0, a `colorprompt` option added, and a name change (see rationale below).
      5 When adding a prompt to dmenu (with the `-p` option or in config.h) and using a list arrangement, the items are indented at the prompt width. This patch fixes that.
      7 The patch also adds a `colorprompt` option to `config.def.h`. When enabled, the prompt will use the same colorscheme as the highlighted option (`SchemeSel`). If disabled, the prompt text will use the normal colorscheme (`SchemeNorm`). Enabled by default.
      9 Renaming Rational
     10 -----------------
     11 `vertfull` never made any sense to me. I assume "vert" is short for vertical, as I can't think of any other possibilities, but the patch changes the horizontal dimention, not the vertical. At first, I was just going to name the patch `horfull`, but that doesn't quite seem right.
     13 I wasn't sure if simply updating the patch was enough to warrant a rename, despite my gripes with the old name, but then I thought of adding the `colorprompt` option which I consider to be sufficient justification.
     15 Download
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     17 * [dmenu-listfullwidth-5.0.diff](dmenu-listfullwidth-5.0.diff)
     19 Author
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     21 * Alex Cole - <>