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      1 The Web Sucks
      2 =============
      3 It has enabled the global information exchange, mass surveillance, studies in
      4 social control, allowed revolutions, made a fortune for many billionaires and
      5 in the meanwhile ruined our climate: the web.
      7 * [This is a motherfucking website.](
      8 * [This is a better motherfucking website.](
      9 * [This is the best motherfucking website.](
     11 For short: There is an industry which is specialized on extending the resource
     12 usage to display just some characters on your display. Millions of jobs are
     13 based on outputting HTML in an inefficient way. Look at PHP and all the
     14 techniques to extend its "scalability". It is not scalable, it's a prototyping
     15 language. Not to mention all its syntactic irregularities. Nowadays classes on
     16 classes on classes with getter and setter functions define buttons which can be
     17 stripped down to just a simple character string. The web is the practical
     18 example why corporate software development does not work and never will. It
     19 only ruins our environment, sanity and many brains which could be used for the
     20 better of humanity.
     22 PHP was used as the primary example for how interpreted languages produce
     23 resource waste. There were optimisations for compiling PHP to C++(!). But this
     24 is just a way to allow the mass of programmer sheep to go on and sleep calm at
     25 night.
     27 Gopher
     28 ------
     29 For seeing a counter example in how to not suck, see the gopher. You can read
     30 more about it at the
     31 [gopherproject (http)]( or [gopherproject
     32 (gopher)](gopher://