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      1 LIBIXP
      2 ======
      3 `libixp` is a stand-alone client/server [9P]( library
      4 including `ixpc` client. It consists of less than 2000 lines of code (including
      5 `ixpc`).
      7 `libixp`'s server API is based heavily on that of [Plan
      8 9]('s
      9 [`lib9p`](, and the two libraries export
     10 virtually identical data structures. There are a few notable differences
     11 between the two, however:
     13 * `libixp` multiplexes connections internally, while on `Plan 9`, the kernel
     14   performs this task, and in [plan9port](, a separate
     15   process is spawned to do so. Despite this divergence, the user of the library
     16   will not notice any difference in behavior, except that there may be duplicate
     17   `tag` and `fid` numbers between different connections. This issue is of little
     18   relevance, however, as the library handles the task of mapping `fid`s and
     19   `tag`s to arbitrary pointers and `P9Req` structs.
     21 * `libixp` is released under a lenient MIT-style license.
     23 * `libixp` lacks `lib9p`'s file trees.
     25 * Unlike `plan9port`'s `lib9p`, `libixp` is POSIX based, and should compile
     26   without specialized libraries on nearly any POSIX system.
     28 Download
     29 --------
     30 * [libixp-0.5](//