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      1 # transfer
      3 These two patches, transfer and transferall, let you transfer clients
      4 between the master and stack while automatically adjusting nmaster.
      5 These are two independent patches which can be used separately.
      7 The transfer patch adds a function that lets you transfer the currently
      8 focused client between the master and the stack boundry and auto
      9 increments or decrements nmaster accordingly. For example, if you're
     10 focused on a stack client, using the transfer function moves the client
     11 to the master area and increments nmaster by 1. Conversely if you're
     12 focused on a master client and call transfer, the client is moved to
     13 the stack and nmaster is decremented by 1.
     15 The transferall patch adds a function that lets you transfer all
     16 clients in the master into the stack and stack clients into the master;
     17 effectively swapping the master and the stack. The new nmaster is adjusted
     18 to be the old number of clients in the stack.
     20 ## Download
     21 * [dwm-transfer-6.2.diff](dwm-transfer-6.2.diff) (09/26/2020)
     22 * [dwm-transferall-6.2.diff](dwm-transferall-6.2.diff) (02/01/2020)
     24 ## Author
     25 - Miles Alan (