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      1 steam
      2 =====
      4 Description
      5 -----------
      6 The Steam client, and steam windows (games), tends to trigger a ConfigureNotify request every time
      7 the window gets focus. More so, the configure events passed along from Steam may have the wrong x
      8 and y coordinates which can make the window, if floating, jump around the screen. Another observed
      9 symptom is the steam window continuously sliding towards the bottom right corner of the screen.
     11 This patch works around this age-old issue by ignoring the x and y co-ordinates for ConfigureNotify
     12 requests relating to Steam windows.
     14 It should be noted that this is a simple and crude patch, and while it can be made more generic
     15 I have intentionally left it hardcoded against steam in particular as few other windows behaves
     16 this badly.
     18 Download
     19 --------
     20 * [dwm-steam-6.2.diff](dwm-steam-6.2.diff)
     22 Author
     23 ------
     24 * Stein Bakkeby <>