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      1 stacker
      2 =======
      4 Description
      5 -----------
      6 This patch provides comprehensive utilities for managing the client stack. It
      7 implements two new commands: `focusstack` (which is a replacement for the
      8 original `focusstack` command) and `pushstack`. The first one is for focusing
      9 clients while the second one moves clients around the stack. Both commands take
     10 the same kind of argument:
     12 * Pass `PREVSEL` to focus/push the previously selected client in the current
     13   tagset.
     14 * Pass `INC(+/-inc)` to focus/push relatively to the selected client. This will
     15   wrap around the stack limits.
     16 * Pass a positive number to focus/push relatively to the beginning of the
     17   stack. Out of limit values will be truncated to the position of the last
     18   visible client and won't wrap
     19   around.
     20 * Pass a negative number to focus/push relatively to the last visible client in
     21   the stack. Here -1 means the last client, -2 the previous to last client, etc.
     22   Out of limit values will be truncated to the position of the first visible
     23   client (0) and won't wrap around.
     25 Default key bindings
     26 --------------------
     27 There are two parallel sets of bindings: one for the `focus*` family and the
     28 other for the `push*` family. The keys are the same for both sets but they do
     29 differ in the modifiers: simply `MODKEY` for the `focus*` family and
     30 `MODKEY|ShiftMask` for the `push*` family.
     32 	 Key   Argument   Description
     33 	---------------------------------------
     34 	 \     PREVSEL    Previously selected
     35 	 j     INC(+1)    Next to selected
     36 	 k     INC(-1)    Previous to selected
     37 	 q       0        First position
     38 	 a       1        Second position
     39 	 z       2        Third position
     40 	 x      -1        Last position
     42 The `q`, `a`, `z` keys are aligned more or less vertically in the us keyboard
     43 layout. They are intended to be used as quick positional shortcuts to specific
     44 applications. So if you have 9 tags you get 9\*3=27 shortcuts in a two-level
     45 hierarchy of clients. The \` key is above the `Tab` key and it's intended to
     46 complement the "move to previously selected tag" function of dwm at the
     47 intra-tag level. Finally, the `x` key is like "I don't care so much about you
     48 just right now but you can still live in this tag".
     50 Notice that `MODKEY|ShiftMask+q` collides with the default binding for quitting
     51 dwm, which stacker changes to `MODKEY|ShiftMask+BackSpace`.
     53 Download
     54 --------
     55 * [dwm-stacker-6.2.diff](dwm-stacker-6.2.diff) (12/06/2020)
     56 * [dwm-stacker-6.0.diff](dwm-stacker-6.0.diff)
     58 Author
     59 ------
     60 * MLquest8 (updated for 6.2) (miskuzius at
     61 * Carlos Pita (memeplex) <>