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      1 splitstatus
      2 ===========
      4 Description
      5 -----------
      6 Inspired by a reddit post I saw, from someone who had already implemented this behaviour.
      7 Code for this patch is based on their git repo.
      8 Unfortunately, I cannot find the reddit post I saw in the first place (it was from quite a while ago).
     10 This patch replaces the standard statusbar items (window name to the right of the tags, and status on the right) with two status items: one in the centre, and one on the right.
     12 The status is still set in the same way with `xsetroot`. However, for the splitstatus behaviour, a delimeter character is added (semicolon by default) to separate the centre status text from the right status text.
     14 Usage
     15 -----
     16 Status should be set in the form `<middle>;<right>` if semicolon is the delimeter character (set using the `splitdelim` variable in `config.def.h`).
     18 If the status text does not contain the delimeter character, the text will appear only in the centre of the bar.
     19 This can be changed by setting the option `splitstatus` to 0, which will put the status text on the right.
     21 Please note that this patch needs `rm config.h` to be added to the `Makefile`.
     23 Screenshots:
     24 ![splitstatus screenshot](splitstatus.png)
     26 Download
     27 --------
     28 * [dwm-splitstatus-20201114-61bb8b2.diff](dwm-splitstatus-20201114-61bb8b2.diff)
     30 Author
     31 ------
     32 * Alex Cole <ajzcole at>