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      1 Pango
      2 =====
      4 Description
      5 -----------
      6 This relatively simple patch adds pango support for the status bar. This not only adds
      7 TrueType font support but also opens a couple of interesting possibilities that are
      8 not possible under barebone xft:
     10 **Simple markup** for status messages (optional in 6.0 patch, enable/disable it in your
     11 config.h) using
     12 [pango markup]( So
     13 you can format your status messages specifying fg/bg colors, sizes,
     14 sub/superscripts, underline, emphasis, bold, etc. You can do dynamic font
     15 switching, also! To play safe with the rest of the status bar, markup support
     16 is restricted to the status message area over which you have direct control.
     18 **Fallback fonts**, so you can use -for example- some set of iconic fonts as
     19 your second family: "DejaVu Sans, Icons 8" (see below). There are tons of
     20 monochromatic nice looking TTF icons around the web these days as webfonts are
     21 becoming more and more popular. Notice that you can also use the more powerful
     22 font switching enabled by pango markup to achieve the same goal. Also don't be
     23 mislead by the fact that fontconfig understands descriptors like "DejaVu Sans,
     24 Icons-8" or even font sequences defined as alias in your fonts.conf. xft will
     25 pick one font once and for all, not on a char-by-char basis.
     27 The [Icons family]( is a
     28 non-overlapping merge of Awesome and Ionicons fonts I've made for my statusbar.
     30 In the latest patch (20200428 - which is after version 6.2) there are a lot of changes to
     31 drw.c/h code base (maybe there is a better way of doing things, but it works
     32 as it is).
     34 The last patch fixes some vertical alignment issues which were obvious only for CJK fonts.
     36 Download
     37 --------
     38 * [dwm-pango-20201020-519f869.diff](dwm-pango-20201020-519f869.diff)
     39 * [dwm-pango-20200428-f09418b.diff](dwm-pango-20200428-f09418b.diff)
     40 * [dwm-pango-6.0.diff](dwm-pango-6.0.diff)
     42 Author
     43 ------
     44 * Carlos Pita (memeplex) <>
     45 * Marius Iacob (themariusus) <>