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      1 FAQ
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      3 	Q: I've got a 1 or 2 pixel gap between the right side of my terminal and the
      4 	   right side of the screen, and I want to turn it off.
      6 	A: This is due to the column-based nature of terminals. Terminals don't just
      7 	   insert space somewhere, but tell the WM they can't be resized in a certain
      8 	   way. The terminal can't use the "wasted space" anyway, so this is purely
      9 	   aesthetics.
     11 	   You can change `static const int resizehints = 1;` to `0` in
     12 	   config.h to turn resizehints off. This wastes the same amount of  space
     13 	   inside the terminal window that would otherwise be wasted outside.
     15 	Q: Why are there gaps between my windows?
     17 	A: See the question above.
     19 	Q: How do I find out the values of the rules[] array in config.h?
     21 	A: The class, instance and title properties of an X11 window can be
     22 	   found out by issuing xprop(1). The corresponding values are:
     24 	   	WM_CLASS(STRING) = instance, class
     25 		WM_NAME(STRING) = title