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2019-07-17 15:31Add download link for updated password patchGeometer17291+1-0
2019-07-17 15:29Update password to dmenu-4.9Geometer17291+65-0
2019-07-17 04:27[st][patch] Add newtermMatías Lang2+96-0
2019-07-15 17:40[st][patch][nordtheme] Remove blank linealeks1+0-1
2019-07-15 16:46[st][patch] Add nord-themealeks2+123-0
2019-07-12 20:03tab now applies correctly to dwm-6.2 tarVarun Iyer2+490-0
2019-07-09 06:55[dwm] xrdb patch updatePetr Schmied3+227-36
2019-07-07 23:29Added fullscreen patch to dwmEgidius Mysliwietz2+70-0
2019-07-04 10:51donation: updateJan Klemkow1+1-1
2019-07-04 06:20[dwm][patch][uselessgap] Port to 6.2Cyril Cressent2+84-1
2019-07-04 03:47Removed unneeded modifications from patch (such as changing MODMASK), removed hardcoding from holdbar keybind, and the patch will no longer modify any code related to the togglebar.hsszyman2+63-67
2019-07-03 16:50donation: updateJan Klemkow1+1-0
2019-07-03 11:34donations: update listJan Klemkow1+18-3
2019-06-30 17:09[dwm][patch][awesomebar] fix descriptionornx1+4-5
2019-06-30 09:38fix broken link to tilegap patchHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2019-06-30 don't change the directory for other itemsHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2019-06-27 21:19add awesomebar patch for dwm 6.2ornx3+296-0
2019-06-27 14:06[dwm][patch][nostatusbar] Do not change colorsaleks2+17-37
2019-06-26 18:20[dwm][patch] ru_gaps date addedAaron Duxler1+1-1
2019-06-26 18:15[dwm][patch] ru_gaps, centeredfloatingmaster, if all clients are in master area gap on the far left and gap on the far right should be same size nowAaron Duxler1+1-1
2019-06-26 17:59Initial patch relied on the keyrelease code from the combo patch. Fixed this and made dwm-holdbar a standalone patch with no dependencies.hsszyman2+98-45
2019-06-26 17:50[dwm][patch] ru_gaps centeredmaster, gaps stay the same size even if client count increasesAaron Duxler1+25-50
2019-06-26 12:16[dmenu][patch][fuzzymatch] Port to 4.9aleks2+169-1
2019-06-26 06:05Holdbar patch to reveal dwm bar only upon pressing the Mod key D B C B B B D A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A C C lhsszyman2+90-0
2019-06-25 15:06[patch][dwm] centeredmaster clients are all same size after increasing gaps, but horizontal gaps are half the sizeAaron Duxler1+51-23
2019-06-25 00:40[dwm][patch] code cleanup and bug fix. All clients in gaplessgrid should be the same size even after increasing gapsAaron Duxler2+7-14
2019-06-21 06:29[dwm][patch][pango] Remove broken linkaleks1+0-3
2019-06-20 13:22[dwm][patch] scratchpad, fix linkAaron Duxler1+2-2
2019-06-20 13:21[dwm][patch] scratchpad, reset scratchpad bugfixAaron Duxler3+95-113
2019-06-14 02:20people: Remove cdown (me)Chris Down1+0-14
2019-06-09 13:15add dwmblocksSunur Efe Vural1+4-1
2019-06-07 19:46[dwm][patch] flextile fix download linksAaron Duxler1+2-2
2019-06-07 17:08surf - adblock: add firejail examplePaper Mountain Studio1+7-0
2019-06-06 19:43[dwm][patch] cfacts bottomstack patch fixAaron Duxler1+6-25
2019-06-06 06:05[dwm][tutorial] rephrase floating window paragraphAlexis Ben Miloud--Josselin1+5-5
2019-06-05 08:57[dwm][patches] cfacts centeredmaster remove unnecessary if elseAaron Duxler1+5-12
2019-06-05 08:30[dwm][patch] cfacts centeredmaster remove unnecessary multiplicationsAaron Duxler1+2-2
2019-06-05 01:27[dwm][patch] new layout support for cfacts patch addedAaron Duxler3+329-0
2019-06-04 08:10[patch][dwm] cfacts bug fixAaron Duxler1+1-1
2019-06-02 14:39Adds toggleable version of attachbelow patchJonathan Hodgson1+1-1
2019-06-02 14:39Adds toggleable version of attachbelow patchJonathan Hodgson2+213-1
2019-06-01 11:46[dwm][patch] ru_gaps/scratchpad grammar correctionAaron Duxler2+2-2
2019-06-01 08:48[dwm][patch] scratchpad bugfix files addedAaron Duxler2+193-0
2019-06-01 08:25[dwm][patch] scratchpad git version addedAaron Duxler1+1-0
2019-06-01 07:48[dwm][patch] scratchpad bugfixAaron Duxler1+2-0
2019-05-31 14:55[dwm][patch] ru_gaps description update regarding keybindingsAaron Duxler1+1-1
2019-05-30 18:08[dwm][patch] bottomstack patch without warningsAaron Duxler1+7-8
2019-05-30 16:14[dwm][patch] ru_gaps revert introduced bugAaron Duxler1+1-2
2019-05-30 15:42[dwm][patch] ru_gaps minor style changesAaron Duxler1+6-6
2019-05-30 15:27[dwm][patch] ru_gaps border fix if nmaster is 0rob1+7-6
2019-05-30 13:45[dwm][patch] ru_gaps bottomstack border fix if nmaster is 0Aaron Duxler1+2-2
2019-05-30 13:18bug fixes and code clean uprjl67893+67-63
2019-05-29 08:35dwm patch ru_gaps fibonacci dwindle fixAaron Duxler1+1-1
2019-05-28 22:48[dwm][patch] ru_gaps, double border fix for ru_gaplessgrid and link fixed in index.mdAaron Duxler3+66-56
2019-05-28 19:27[dwm][patch] ru_gaps single border instead of double border between clientsAaron Duxler1+17-12
2019-05-28 14:48[dwm][patch] ru_gaps bottomstack double border between master and clients fixedAaron Duxler1+2-2
2019-05-28 12:10[dwm] [patch] ru_gaps centered master, removed double gaps between centered master and clients left and right as well as double gaps when nmaster is 0Aaron Duxler1+17-6
2019-05-27 23:47[st][patch] Add unclutter to hidecursor-descriptionaleks1+1-1
2019-05-27 12:39[dwm][patch] ru_gaps revert centered master to old stateAaron Duxler1+1-1
2019-05-27 12:13[dwm] [patch] double gaps between centeredmaster and clients left and right fixedAaron Duxler1+1-1
2019-05-23 21:46[dwm][deck] Simplify rmaster- and tilegap-versionsaleks5+93-172
2019-05-23 21:02[dwm][rmaster] Move linealeks1+7-7
2019-05-20 21:14Added dwm-bar to "Status Monitors Submitted By Others"joestandring1+3-0
2019-05-20 15:22dmenu/patches/border: Reduced file size and dimensions of pictureLeon Plickat1+0-0
2019-05-20 08:20[dwm][patch] ru_gaps updatedAaron Duxler1+14-4
2019-05-20 07:34dwm/patches/unfloatvisible fix incorrect exampleAlexander Courtis1+2-2
2019-05-19 12:50st scroll: fix link to patchHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2019-05-19 12:50dwm ru_gaps: fix link and whitespaceHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2019-05-19 12:49checklinks: ignore gunther subdomainHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2019-05-19 12:48dwm attachbelow: fix link, 6.3 -> 6.2Hiltjo Posthuma2+1-1
2019-05-19 00:22dmenu/patches: Add 'border' patchLeon Plickat3+44-0
2019-05-17 23:54[dwm][deck] Add deck-rmaster patchaleks2+111-1
2019-05-17 22:43[dwm][rmaster] Add option to set default behaviouraleks2+78-23
2019-05-14 18:53[dwm][patch] Add nostatusbar-patchaleks2+955-0
2019-05-12 17:01Added ru_gaps to dwmAaron Duxler6+525-0
2019-05-11 05:13[surf][patch] Add Web Search PatchBryon Meinka2+119-0
2019-05-08 12:41Adding vanitygaps patchStein Gunnar Bakkeby2+310-0
2019-05-06 19:45[dwm][attachbelow] Adds attachbelow patchJonathan Hodgson2+112-0
2019-05-06 14:47[dwm][deck] Add deck-tilegap patchaleks3+100-7
2019-05-06 13:09[dwm][deck] Merge multiple patch-versions into onealeks4+57-180
2019-05-05 14:20[dwm][deck] Change warning to notealeks1+1-1
2019-05-05 09:58[dwm][deck] Add warning regarding gap-patchesaleks1+2-0
2019-05-04 19:57[dwm][deck] Simplify by removing layouts.caleks2+91-5
2019-05-03 22:44Add new version keyboard_select patch for stBartosz Sosna2+337-0
2019-05-02 21:24Add surf externalpipe patchMiles Alan4+224-0
2019-04-29 20:48[sic] fix awk commands in usage pageAlexis Ben Miloud--Josselin1+2-2
2019-04-26 07:37[st] [patch] ported scrollback-mouse to version 0.8.2jacobprosser82+86-0
2019-04-25 03:09Scrollback for 0.8.2jacobprosser82+348-0
2019-04-24 14:56[st][patch] added link to updated patchWaifod1+1-0
2019-04-24 14:34[st][patch] port externalpipe to version 0.8.2Waifod1+77-0
2019-04-22 23:44Added working 6.2 patch and removed obsolete git versionsredacted4+31-91
2019-04-22 12:50dwm/patches: Add 'unfloatvisible' patchAlexander Courtis2+59-0
2019-04-21 21:24I’ll get it right one of these times.Parker Ellertson1+1-1
2019-04-21 21:23Fixed link for the page program.Parker Ellertson1+1-1
2019-04-21 21:19Fixed a line in the web server section.Parker Ellertson1+1-2
2019-04-21 20:56Sorted items in other_projects page.Parker Ellertson1+2-2
2019-04-21 20:55Added link to plan9port/Mail.Parker Ellertson1+1-1
2019-04-21 20:54Sorted items in rocks pageParker Ellertson1+33-33
2019-04-20 14:54The patch now can be applied to st-0.8.2. Variable types changed from 'unsigned int' to 'static unsigned int' at line 8, 68, 71, 72.Waifod3+85-85
2019-04-17 08:11[dwm][alternativetags] Add patchPiyush Pangtey4+118-0
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