revived minimalist port of Plan 9 userland to Unix
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      1 Postscript definitions for special troff characters. File names are
      2 the two character troff names. Each defines a PostScript procedure
      3 that begins with build_ and ends with the character's name. The
      4 build_?? procedure is called with the character width as it's only
      5 argument. The .map files contain extra character data (e.g. image
      6 data) that dpost downloads immediately after the build_?? call,
      7 if the character's font table code field is 2 (rather than 1).
      9 The following PostScript variables are available:
     11 	font		current font
     12 	ptsize		current point size
     13 	size		actual font size - scaled up from ptsize
     15 Don't overuse this stuff!