revived minimalist port of Plan 9 userland to Unix
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README (1168B)

      1 To make troff (actually a.out):
      3 	make
      5 You will also need to write a driver for your favorite output device.
      6 d202.c provides a model, although it is specialized to a machine no
      7 one has.  There are also a variety of postscript drivers that are the
      8 best thing to use if you have a postscript device.
     10 You will also have to make a DESC file for your typesetter and some
     11 font description files; see dev202 for examples.  These describe the
     12 named characters, widths, kerning information, and output codes.
     14 Nroff is the same program as troff, so you should
     16 	cp a.out /usr/bin/troff
     17 	ln /usr/bin/troff /usr/bin/nroff
     19 or the equivalent.
     21 You will also need terminal description files for your terminals; see
     22 tab.37, tab.450 and tab.lp for examples.
     24 Troff uses files that are normally stored in /usr/lib/font;
     25 macro packages are in /usr/lib/tmac; and nroff tables are in
     26 /usr/lib/term.  You can edit tdef.h to change these assumptions.
     28 There have been a few features since the last version, and a number of
     29 significant internal changes.  Not all are improvements, of course.
     30 Most of the more recent changes, including bug fixes, are in FIXES,
     31 which you should read also.