revived minimalist port of Plan 9 userland to Unix
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README (1257B)

      1 This is sam (not including samterm) from the 4th edition of Plan 9,
      2 with changes so that it can be compiled under unix.
      3 (Tested on Solaris 7 and Debian 3.0r1.)
      5 Some extra libraries are needed.  First, fetch libutf-2.0 and libfmt-2.0
      6 from
      7 	http://pdos.lcs.mit.edu/~rsc/software/
      9 (Beware that in libfmt/fmt.c there is a line that says:
     10         'u',    __ifmt,         /* in Plan 9, __flagfmt */
     11 Thus, sam will have to fmtinstall the other thing.  Other ported programs
     12 may have to do the same.  The fmt library should probably print messages
     13 about bad format characters to stderr, since no one seems to check the
     14 return codes.)
     16 Compile and install those two libraries.  
     17 Set PREFIX in the Makefile to match, then compile sam.
     19 Your C compiler will emit many complaints of the form:
     20   sam.c:496: warning: passing arg 1 of `bufread' from incompatible pointer type
     22 This is because the Plan 9 compiler has a slightly different (better,
     23 ala Oberon) type system than ISO C.  Popular compilers generate the right
     24 code, so in an act of civil disobediance I changed just enough to get
     25 it to compile, but left the type errors in.  Now the next C standard can
     26 adopt this extension, because at least one important C program uses it!
     28 -- Scott Schwartz,  4 July 2003