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2021-01-27 12:42Fix typo: "the fist place"Spenser Truex1+1-1
2021-01-19 22:07Fix typoJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2021-01-19 21:08add test file to dist targetJan Klemkow1+1-1
2021-01-19 21:02fix typoJan Klemkow1+1-1
2021-01-18 20:42discribe the current status of scrollJan Klemkow1+17-0
2021-01-18 20:41fix spacingJan Klemkow1+4-4
2020-06-03 05:10Move license to LICENSEJochen Sprickerhof2+17-14
2020-05-22 07:31Add commentJochen Sprickerhof1+1-0
2020-05-16 21:09handle carriage0-return correctlyJan Klemkow1+11-8
2020-05-16 09:57Remove ^E and ^YRoberto E. Vargas1+2-2
2020-05-07 02:54Fix typo and spaces with adjustments from me.Steve Ward1+5-5
2020-05-06 20:23fix testJochen Sprickerhof1+2-2
2020-05-04 06:58Revert "Revert "Ignore carriage return in history""Jochen Sprickerhof1+2-0
2020-05-03 22:26Add "uninstall" target to the Makefile.parazyd1+3-0
2020-05-03 22:26Use DESTDIR in the Makefile.parazyd1+3-3
2020-05-03 22:26Revert "Ignore carriage return in history"parazyd1+0-2
2020-05-04 05:28return carriage at the beginning of the history lineJochen Sprickerhof1+1-0
2020-05-03 20:56Ignore carriage return in historyJochen Sprickerhof1+2-0
2020-05-03 20:43perf: replace jot by $seq and set posix var for getopt(3)Jan Klemkow1+5-4
2020-05-03 20:37perf: auto detect seq(1) and jot(1)Jan Klemkow1+9-4
2020-05-02 01:40Add version optionSteve Ward2+11-3
2020-05-03 19:41remove github ciJan Klemkow1+0-17
2020-04-30 20:37fix styleJan Klemkow1+9-9
2020-04-30 20:29Fix indentionJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-30 20:27Ignore cursors movement sequences in historyJochen Sprickerhof1+10-1
2020-04-30 20:12fix race condition between sigwinch and sigchldJan Klemkow1+4-1
2020-04-30 11:28Fix warning for too many arguments for formatSteve Ward1+1-1
2020-04-29 21:46Obey line length while scrollingJochen Sprickerhof1+15-8
2020-04-28 19:20avoid race condition with sigwinchJan Klemkow1+3-3
2020-04-26 22:09readme: add table with performance impactJan Klemkow1+9-0
2020-04-26 22:00add tool for performance impact mesurementJan Klemkow1+23-0
2020-04-26 20:38better quoting in scrollup testing shell scriptJan Klemkow1+3-3
2020-04-26 20:38Make POSIX compliantJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-25 22:13Don't retain any clear screen sequence variants.Ian Remmler1+1-1
2020-04-25 21:32Fix cursor position in scrollupJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-25 21:15Recover commentJochen Sprickerhof1+1-0
2020-04-25 20:56show cursor if we are at the bottomJochen Sprickerhof1+3-2
2020-04-25 20:33Magnetic redraw behaviourJochen Sprickerhof1+14-7
2020-04-25 19:55add to test suiteJan Klemkow3+78-0
2020-04-25 19:15replace jot(1) with os independent shell codeJan Klemkow1+5-1
2020-04-24 20:22fix mismatch of several esc seq. in one inputJan Klemkow1+2-1
2020-04-24 10:43] distclean should remove things created in distSteve Ward1+1-1
2020-04-23 22:15Fix GNU getopJochen Sprickerhof1+1-0
2020-04-23 22:08swap x and y to more logicalJan Klemkow1+8-8
2020-04-23 22:04Fix up testJochen Sprickerhof2+2-2
2020-04-23 21:42fix ptty test program. don't quit after pos requestJan Klemkow1+1-1
2020-04-23 21:04add script for scroll up testingJan Klemkow2+9-1
2020-04-23 20:26Fix setting bottom pointer while scrollingJochen Sprickerhof1+7-2
2020-04-21 21:51typoJan Klemkow1+2-2
2020-04-21 19:01Fix typoJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-21 17:48Dereference pointersJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-21 06:23Dereference pointersJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-20 21:22CleanupJochen Sprickerhof1+7-4
2020-04-20 21:01check explicit for return of -1Jan Klemkow1+3-3
2020-04-20 20:59fix die() on too fast scroll inputJan Klemkow1+5-6
2020-04-20 20:08add additional information in die calls for debuggingJan Klemkow1+2-2
2020-04-19 19:28Don't scrollup if history is emptyJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-18 21:13ptty: add detection of cursor position questionJan Klemkow1+11-1
2020-04-18 21:05Fix redraw if cursor is not at the bottomJochen Sprickerhof1+4-2
2020-04-17 21:33Catch invalid cursor positionsJochen Sprickerhof1+3-0
2020-04-17 20:55Revert "Don't jumpdown if bottom is still in the window"Jochen Sprickerhof1+0-3
2020-04-17 20:49Don't jumpdown if bottom is still in the windowJochen Sprickerhof1+3-0
2020-04-17 20:47Only move bottom if it was scrolled out of the windowJochen Sprickerhof1+9-3
2020-04-17 19:46handle child exit via POLLHUP instead of sigchldJan Klemkow1+2-19
2020-04-16 21:19ptty: explicit wait for childJan Klemkow1+2-4
2020-04-16 21:17handle closing fdsJan Klemkow1+3-0
2020-04-16 20:34ptty: wait for corrent child pidJan Klemkow1+6-3
2020-04-16 20:03ptty: error handling of close(2)Jan Klemkow1+4-2
2020-04-16 19:24Add dist to PHONYJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-16 19:21Add make distJochen Sprickerhof2+11-0
2020-04-16 19:07remove redundant code, replace eamalloc with eareallowJan Klemkow1+2-22
2020-04-16 18:59ptty: better error handlingJan Klemkow1+2-3
2020-04-15 20:44wipJan Klemkow1+14-3
2020-04-15 21:08Error handling for getcursorpositionJochen Sprickerhof1+10-3
2020-04-15 20:38Support scroll back after clear screenJochen Sprickerhof2+21-8
2020-04-15 20:36Don't print child output while scrollingJochen Sprickerhof1+4-2
2020-04-15 20:07ptty: add event loop to handle input and output for future testsJan Klemkow1+33-6
2020-04-14 22:01Fix clear screen esc sequences detectionJochen Sprickerhof1+3-2
2020-04-14 21:37Fix typoJochen Sprickerhof1+2-2
2020-04-14 21:33ptty: write input from child to stdoutJan Klemkow1+2-1
2020-04-14 21:32Integrate clear screen detection into isaltscreenJochen Sprickerhof1+9-9
2020-04-14 20:52Add TODO for strcmpJochen Sprickerhof1+1-0
2020-04-14 20:40fix strncmp bug by using strcmpJan Klemkow1+4-2
2020-04-14 20:24remove debug code from ptty, add C flag to test closing of fd to scrollJan Klemkow1+10-5
2020-04-14 20:18fix broke build, add missing variable declarationJan Klemkow2+6-2
2020-04-14 20:14passthrough EOF from Terminal to child, plus exit handlingJan Klemkow1+12-2
2020-04-14 19:49explicit continue on EOF while read vom child, plus commentJan Klemkow1+2-0
2020-04-14 19:36make poll call more readable by replacing constant with LENGTH makroJan Klemkow1+1-1
2020-04-14 19:33move signal handling before fork to avoid race with sigchildJan Klemkow1+5-5
2020-04-14 19:23simplify terminal checkJan Klemkow1+2-4
2020-04-14 19:18ignore config.h in repositoryJan Klemkow1+1-0
2020-04-14 19:16Enable test againJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-14 19:15add option -h for usageJan Klemkow2+7-3
2020-04-13 19:58add comment for terminal settingsJan Klemkow1+2-2
2020-04-13 09:23Comment broken testJochen Sprickerhof1+1-1
2020-04-12 22:07Remove useless continueJochen Sprickerhof1+0-1
2020-04-12 21:36add comment for jumpdownJan Klemkow1+1-0
2020-04-12 21:13Fix line lengthJochen Sprickerhof1+4-3
2020-04-12 21:08more specific commentJan Klemkow1+1-1
2020-04-12 21:06Simplify condition and add commentJochen Sprickerhof1+2-1
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