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masterMention programs that were imported from OpenBSDsin4 days
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4 daysMention programs that were imported from OpenBSDHEADmastersin1-0/+8
6 daysRemove misleading line in READMEsin1-3/+0
6 daysls: add -h flagHiltjo Posthuma3-5/+16
7 daysdu: add -d flag to specify the max depth to show files or directoriesHiltjo Posthuma2-8/+24
7 daysseparate humansize into a util functionHiltjo Posthuma4-19/+24
8 daysFix col(1) -fsin1-1/+1
8 daysFix a completely broken ln(1)sin1-10/+9
8 daysIntroduce new test(1) implementationEvan Gates2-139/+145
8 daysSmall style fixsin2-2/+0
8 daysUse puts() instead of printf() for logname(1)sin1-1/+1